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Joiful Faith Events, LLC will provide you with a serene and poise planning experience to ensure that all your needs are met first. While maintaining your vision.

How would you like for this to be your wedding day? ... You take a moment to gaze out of your bridal suite window overlooking the grounds of where your wedding is going to take place. It finally hits you that the day you have been dreaming about for what seems like an eternity is finally here.

Your Fabulous Joiful Faith Events, LLC wedding team and preferred vendors are executing your “Out of the Box Wedding” without you having to worry or lift a finger.

As “Your Key to an Out of the Box Wedding”:

Specializes in weddings for the moderate to high-end bride.

A key style to producing weddings & events.

Experienced with décor, floral, entertainment, etc.

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Meet Candace of JFE

Hi, I am Candace Credle Owner and Senior Planner for Joiful Events, LLC.

I have loved weddings since I was a little girl, helping my mother who started the business many years ago. I would say my own wedding took it to another level. Yes! I am happily married, and being “out of the box” started with my own wedding and continues to this day! Inspired and determined to bring you creativity and style, I have worked hard to earned and be honored with the reputation of being “The Fabulous Event Planner”!


Getting my start in the Eastern Shore area of Virginia, now living in the Hampton Roads area allows me to have a feel from the beach to the city. My style and grace in creativity and unique planning styles that everyone can enjoy is important to me and my staff. As an entrepreneur, I understands the bottom- line of budget control and attention to all planning matters and processes regarding your wedding. From the first time we meet to the time I and my staff leave you, all details are seen too.


I look forward, and am excited to have the opportunity to give you an 'out of the box`` wedding!

Joiful Faith Events, LLC specializes in weddings for the moderate to high-end bride.

A key style to producing weddings & events.

Experienced with décor, floral, entertainment, etc.

Meeting your needs first, maintaining your vision.

Give you a serene and poise successfully planned and executed event.

Your Key to an Out of the Box Wedding

(I Am) Thankful for Candace C. Credle the Lord put you back in my life to keep that balance. You keep my nerves calm during this wedding process I truly appreciate you!!

Bride to Be A.J

Candace was very professional and always punctual with everything that she did. We established a wonderful relationship during and even after she planned my wedding. She made my wedding something I have always wanted and I can't thank her enough for that. Words cannot express how happy and glad I am that I had her as my event planner. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Bride C. Jones, 2014

I don’t know what or how I would have gotten through the craziness of planning a wedding without Candace's help! No one should ever try it alone. She became my best friend and another daughter to me. Thank you ever so much for making my wedding planning experience so memorable and effortless.

Bride D. Hickson, 2009

I started planning my wedding myself and realized I was over my head. Candace came in like an angel and got all my craziness organized, I don’t know how she does it but she is on top of her game. If you are looking for an event planner you came to the right place. Thank you for everything.

Bride D. Allen, 2009

Candace is a great planner to have on your side! She is a true champion of her clients and is the classiest lady you may ever meet. We love working with her for many events!

Kara Reade Gomez, Best Face Forward-Skin, Makeup, & Hair

If you're looking for a planner who can do it all, you've come to the right place! Joiful Faith Events is one stop shopping, able to help with all your wedding needs!

Judith Chauvette, Fresh Look Photography

Candace brings a plethora of seamless characteristics and business savvy techniques to any project she embodies. She is a melting pot of leadership, true vision and remarkable organizational skills that speaks volumes throughout her career and personal essence. It’s the small things that magnifies the true touch points of her character and for that she has my highest recommendation and support.

Pamela Rosara Jones, The Iconic Group

The Fabulous Event Planner newsletter is full of useful information and helpful tips. Topics range from etiquette to building a business. I recommend the newsletter to both clients and wedding professionals because the content isn’t specific to one target area. Future brides won’t be confused with a lot of wedding industry news for business owners only and wedding pros can use what they learn to better serve their clients. It’s just fabulous! The June Vender Blender held at The Historic Obici House and hosted by The Fabulous Event Planner was such a great experience. It was well organized and beautifully decorated. It was the perfect location for industry professionals to get together and network. Good food, Good Friends, & a Good Location, A Great Time!

Tammy Mills, Simply Grand Events

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